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Furniture Movers

Furniture Movers

We are the top furniture movers in the San Diego County area. Here is why we are good at it.

We disassemble your furniture

Your furniture may be too big to go out of your door or too heavy or too fragile. In this case, Aid-U Moving is going to disassemble your furniture to make the moving easier and damage-free. Don't worry, we will assemble it back in your new house or office. We care about our client's furniture that is why we go extra steps to avoid any furniture damage while moving

We have the right equipment

As professional furniture movers we have the necessary tools for lifting any of your heavy furniture items. We have furniture dollies, slides and moving straps. Our tools help us make the moving smoother and stress-free. Don't take a chance by using unlicensed movers or alternative equipment.

We take measurements before even moving anything

We are smart enough to understand that we would waste your time if we realize that the furniture doesn't fit through the door late in the moving process. That is why we measure furniture and doorways beforehand. If the furniture item is bigger than the doorway, it is still not a problem. We will look for alternative ways of moving the furniture out of your house.

We are professional furniture movers

Since we have a big moving experience we know how to lift items avoiding injuries. We know what is the best damage-free position for your furniture item in the truck and how to safely transport it.